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Select From NVS Launch Breakthrough Toxin Binder For Complete Peace Of Mind

1 month ago

5th June, 2024 11h15

Companion Consultancy

Select from NVS is extending its range of animal healthcare products with the launch of DuoTox, a broad-spectrum adsorbent for use following the ingestion of unwanted substances in dogs and cats. Duotox is the first binder to include both Activated Charcoal and Diosmectite providing a wide spectrum absorbency against harmful substances and is available in a paste and liquid designed with palatability in mind. Duotox is now available to order through NVS for all existing or new customers. 

Accidental poisoning remains a significant threat to pets, with vets in the UK reporting over 30001 cases involving poisoning every week and averaging 60 calls a day to the VPIS for assistance2 In 2020, 7.1 million pets fell ill after eating something poisonous1, and in 2021, the VPIS reported a 40% increase in the number of poisoning enquiries2

The current most commonly used product for accidental ingestion is Activated Charcoal, but this only has affinity for certain substances. Diosmectite will also only bind to select substances, including many that Activated Charcoal will not, but is not as widely used. Up until now, the two have not been used together in one product, leaving situations where the binder administered has no effect. In cases of potential ingestion, identifying the exact substance consumed, and relying on vets to know which binder to use for each substance, is a barrier to successful toxin binding. 

Malcolm Dickinson, Category Manager for Select from NVS, explains: “Activated Charcoal has affinity for substances that are, for example acidic, non-ionised or poorly water soluble, leaving a gap for substances that are alkaline, cationic, hydrophilic etc. This is where the absorbency profile of Diosmectite comes in to create one product with a much wider spectrum of adsorbency.”

“This will be hugely beneficial to vets in practice” Malcolm continues, “Vets can reach for one product, knowing it will be effective.”

In addition to Activated Charcoal and Diosmectite, DuoTox contains sorbitol and glycerine to gently help gut transit time and piperine and curcumin to help aid the normal function of the liver and kidneys and support natural anti-inflammatory processes.

“Ease of use was also of high importance” Malcolm continues, “The syringe on the Duotox paste has a wide nozzle, and smaller syringe size options, meaning administration is far smoother than traditional paste syringes.”

Presented as either a liquid suspension or a ‘dial a dose’ gel syringe, the product is formulated to prevent sedimentation and enhance consistency and flow. The gel nozzle tip is extra wide to aid delivery and the liquid comes in a squeezy bottle and with an atraumatic bending tip to aid use. Furthermore, both products have been designed with palatability in mind. Combined these factors result in easy use and administration.

For more information on Duotox and the Select from NVS Healthcare range visit or call NVS Orderline on +44 (0)1782 775555 Duotox can be ordered through NVS by new or existing accounts. 

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