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Life is now sweet for Rolo after he underwent expert eye surgery at Village Vet in Winchmore Hill.

Life is now sweet for Rolo after he underwent expert eye surgery at Village Vet in Winchmore Hill.

Sweet Rolo Focused On Bright Future After Village Vet Eye Surgery

1 month ago

13th June, 2024 10h49

Linnaeus Group

A young dachshund with a hair-raising eye condition is now fully focused on the future again after successful surgery at a leading London vet practice. 

One-year-old Rolo’s sight was being blighted by a corneal dermoid, a piece of skin and hair which had grown on his eyeball. 

The much-loved family pet was referred to Linnaeus-owned Village Vet in Winchmore Hill for expert care from Dr Barbara Thielman, an advanced practitioner in veterinary ophthalmology. 

Dr Thielman explained: “A corneal dermoid is a piece of normal skin with normal hair but which has grown in an abnormal position, on the cornea at the front of the eye. 

“This can cause local irritation, conjunctivitis and ulceration, and Rolo’s case was even more challenging because there were two areas affected, adjacent to each other. 

“I carried out a process called a keratectomy, to surgically remove the abnormal piece of cornea. 

“After the excision, the cornea then closes and heals by itself, normally within 10 days, with no further treatment required. 

“Rolo’s procedure was a complete success and he has gone on to make a fine and full recovery. The issue will not recur so he can now look forward to the future.” 

The young dog’s delighted owner Imogen Aaronson, from Queens Park, northwest London, is full of praise for Dr Thielman’s care and treatment and said she is relieved Rolo can now get on with enjoying life. 

Imogen said: “Rolo was born with the condition and I knew when I first gave him a home he had the early stages of a dermoid cyst growing. 

“It’s actually one of the reasons I chose him. I wanted to give him extra love and attention and be the one who looked after him through the process of him needing this operation. 

“From the moment we had our first appointment with Barbara I knew she was trustworthy and I did not need to worry. 

“She gave Rolo a thorough examination and was very attentive and caring with him. She also gave me a detailed and reassuring explanation of the whole procedure. 

“I was put totally at ease. She used a language I could understand rather than just using the medical terms and this was a huge help. 

“I was also allowed to be with Rolo as he went under the anaesthetic just before the operation and I was kept up to date every step of the way. 

“It really was an exceptional experience and Rolo’s speedy recovery time shows how well looked after he was. 

“He was eating and drinking and being extra cuddly when we returned home and he is back to his amazing happy loving self!

“From start to finish the service and treatment from Barbara and the Village Vet team was hands on, attentive and they were always available for contact. They were amazing for both me and Rolo.”  

The expert team at Village Vet provides outstanding treatments for all aspects of pet healthcare from routine but important vaccinations to lifesaving surgery. For more information on its London practices visit

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