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Team Approach Boosts Profit

13 years ago

2nd February, 2009 00h00

Understanding profit and loss within a veterinary practice is vital for all employees. That was the message delivered to delegates attending Pippa Reffold’s lecture, sponsored by Dechra Veterinary Products at this year’s VMPA Congress January 23, 2009. “Very few practice managers set targets or share financial data with their employees,” explained Ms Reffold. “Employees have a lot to contribute by improving service and increasing sales.” Roger Brown, product manager at Dechra Veterinary Products said, “Sponsoring Pippa’s lecture is part of Dechra Veterinary Products response to market conditions. We have also reduced the price of two key products in our Veterinary Essentials range.” “We realise how significant margin control is right now and constantly review our Veterinary Essentials range. That’s why we have reduced prices on Atipam 5ml, the Thyroxyl range and have introduced the Essentials Purchase Plan so practices can make further savings. “Be open-minded about margin setting and don’t apply a blanket mark-up to all products,” added Ms Reffold. “Consider the contribution to your gross profit and passing on some of the improvement to your customers.” Dechra Veterinary Products offers a margin and profit calculator to compare market prices with the Veterinary Essentials range – to show just how much mark-up can be applied to products without impacting on a client’s budget. “It’s a simple, but very effective calculation that our Territory Managers can run for you,” explained Mr Brown. To find out more about the Veterinary Essentials range, including further cost savings with an Essentials Purchase Plan and free margin development advice, call Liz Rawlings on 01743 441632.

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