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The 2ND VRCC East African Small Animal Conference Weekend

13 years ago

19th August, 2009 00h00

Leisure Lodge, Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya. 13th/15th November 2009 Leisure_Lodge_Conference_Room.jpg Following our success last year when we attracted over 30 Kenyan Veterinary Surgeons to our first event we decided to devote our time and resources again this year. We were greatly encouraged by the feed back from delegates, who soaked up knowledge, appreciated the expertise and skilled presentations of our speakers and took a much-needed opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues. We were also pleased with additional support we received from practicing UK Vets and Specialists who appreciated what we were doing and offered to help. Generously Merial supported the event last year by funding a speaker. They are repeating their support this year and are joined by Pfizer who are also funding a speaker and have also contributed towards the travel costs of one of our European Specialists. We are really grateful for this support. Interestingly, out of all the Worldwide and UK Trusts, Charities, Veterinary and Animal Institutions etc. VRCC were unable to obtain any other funds to share our knowledge with our East African colleagues. We feel our Conference Weekend, with half a dozen top speakers, with a really interesting and varied programme relevant yet designed to stimulate, holding delegates’ attention, rather than just a long day with 1 or 2 speakers, the right formula for success. Plus, our speakers will be attending the whole weekend, fully accessible, getting to know delegates. Also, just like VRCC we have attracted an amazingly interesting cosmopolitan team: Susan, English but U.S.(New York & Texas) trained. Henry, Swiss/English with a European and Scandinavian background. Anita, Kenyan but a Specialist in the UK. John, London, but lived in Kenya for many years and just returned from the Caribbean. Plus Lisa and Frans who bring with them the skill and experience that everyone who works and lives in Africa will value. Don’t miss the Weekend Conference. We will not dilute our approach and will maintain the highest standards by limiting numbers. This really is true. Book early to avoid disappointment Delegates this year can help shape next years event. You can’t do that if you are not at Leisure Lodge 13th/15th November. Download the flyer

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