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Top Of The Dogs - 20 Most Popular Breed Figures In The UK Now Available!

15 years ago

12th February, 2007 00h00

The top 20 breed figures are now available to view and print off from the Kennel Club website. Top 20 Registered Breeds The Labrador Retriever is keeping its paws firmly in place as the UK’s most popular registered breed for 2006, receiving over 45,000 registrations. Known as one of the best all round dogs in the world, this is not surprising, especially as the breed is used for retrieving game, has made its mark in the world of guide dogs, drugs and arms detection and is a wonderful family pet. It has remained consistent at the top of the list for the last 15 years. Hot on the heels of the Labrador Retriever and in second place is the Cocker Spaniel. The breed known for its gentle and affectionate nature and intelligence has seen a steady 17% increase in registrations since 2005. Interestingly, the figures reveal that the top 11 breeds for 2005 are the same as for 2006 however there is a 19% increase in the number of registrations for the Shih Tzu breed and an 18% increase for the Bulldog. New to the top 20 list is the Pug, a dignified dog, very intelligent, good natured, and sociable with great character and personality. The breed sits proudly at number 20 and is known for making a good companion for both young and old and integrating easily into family life. Further breed statistics are also available on the Kennel Club website such as the Quarterly, Export and 10 yearly statistics; please visit or contact the Kennel Club Press Office on 0207 518 1008. For pictures of specific breeds, please contact the Kennel Club Picture Library on 0207 518 1035.

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