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Tortoises, Terrapins And Turtles: They Are What They Eat!

13 years ago

8th May, 2009 00h00

tortoise-group.gif Tortoise Group for Kent and South East London Next Meeting: Sunday 7th June @ 1.45pm Venue – Keston in Kent 2pm-3pm Lynne Stokes B.Vet.Med M.R.C.V.S. From the Exotic Animal Centre in Essex. The Talk The talk will focus on the correct feeding of various species of Chelonia in captivity in the home environment. I will particularly concentrate on those species that I have kept myself including the Mediterranean species, African Desert species, African Hingebacks and American Box and Musk turtles. I will also talk about the pitfalls of incorrect feeding including mineral and vitamin deficiencies and toxicities and liver and kidney disease. Unfortunately I can illustrate some of these with some of the mistakes that I have made over the years! In addition I will mention some of the husbandry of these species and how it affects their metabolism. Assisted feeding of poorly tortoises will also be covered. Hopefully you will leave having a better understanding of the workings of your tortoise’ digestive system! Followed by Tea / coffee, question time and informal get-together. Available at the meeting: Tlady Herbiseed and Nutrobal (please order in advance). Please contact Wendy to book a place. Tel: 0787 4034320 The speaker has requested donations to The Zebra Foundation for her talk (for interviews please contact Glenys on 020 8650 0617) About Lynne Stokes "I qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon in 1984 and set up practice in Harold Wood with Martin Lawton in 1985. We are now married with two teenage children, two dogs and a motley collection of tortoises. Over the intervening years I have kept a variety of reptiles including terrapins, tortoises, lizards and snakes. The majority of these have been re-homed from people who could no-longer keep them for one reason or another. Apart from Veterinary work I am also responsible for assessing our trainee nurses and have a role in educating young people in schools in and around Harold Wood about reptile care.

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