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Vet Recruitment Survey Reveals Surprising Results

14 years ago

7th April, 2010 00h00

“Friendly staff and team” was voted as the number one quality that would make a Practice an employer of choice, according to an in-depth independent survey, commissioned by veterinary recruitment consultants, Rig Vets, with “good hours/rota” and “competitive salaries/package” jointly filling the number two position. Conversely, the main reason for leaving a job was career progression, but again with “improved hours/rota” in the second slot, alongside another personnel related issue of “internal conflicts”. A confidential questionnaire was put to 500 active jobseekers within UK veterinary practice to ascertain key factors that would influence their decision on a job, existing or a new position. In addition to finding out reasons for joining or leaving a Practice, the participants were also asked about which type of Practice they would prefer to work for, ie private, corporate or charity. In this instance, private practice came out as the most preferred, with charity second and corporates in third place. There were many revealing reasons on why a person would not work for each group and the most preferred private practice attracted the least number of unfavourable comments. “Whenever surveys like this are undertaken in whatever industry, there is often an expectation that the remuneration package will be the most important motivator,” he commented, “but good working conditions, and in particular friendly colleagues, feature higher, which should be good news for those looking for recruit new staff. A friendly atmosphere and a company culture of teamwork will go a long way to attract and keep staff. Losing staff is obviously costly both in the loss of the past investment made in the now leaving employee, and in the time having to interview and hire any replacement staff. Not to mention potentially affecting the morale of the remaining working team. “The comprehensive report we have received from the survey company will help us plan individual tailor-made strategies to guide and advise Practice owners and managers when they are looking to recruit new staff, or even to ensure they keep the employees they have. It will prove to be an invaluable tool in Practice management planning and we are keen to share this information with employers looking to minimise costly recruitment and maximise on harmony in the workplace.” Justin Carpenter added.

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