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V.I.P. Supplements Take Top Spot For Equine Experts

6 months ago

30th May, 2022 10h50


A panel of equestrian experts, including both professional and amateur riders, have confirmed that supplements had a positive impact on their horse, with top picks being focused around gut health and joint support. The experts were able to choose a supplement of their choice from the NEW and improved Nettex Equine V.I.P range, most suited to their needs to trial for three months.* The consensus among the experts, was that 95% agreed that the V.I.P.® supplement they used gave the desired effects as stated on the label.

Historically, joint supplements have always been the most commonly used equine supplement**, yet throughout the trial V.I.P.® Gut Thrive™ was the most requested product to try. There is a growing awareness among the equine community regarding the importance of gut health in horses, and the impact gut health can have on horses’ comfort and performance. Nettex has formulated two digestive health supplements in the V.I.P range, to accommodate the complexity of gut health and to support horse owners in choosing a suitable digestive support supplement for their horses.

Affiliated dressage rider, Zahra Proud, noticed the supplement V.I.P.® Gut Thrive™ gave her competition horse more energy, but went on to explain the effect it had on her aged pony “This is a truly brilliant product. It gave my Shetland, who could barely walk, a new lease of life. He is now bouncing around the field like he used to, I have my childhood pony back.”

Joint supplement V.I.P.® So Sound was however the next most requested product, with horse mobility, comfort and welfare remaining key priorities for horse owners. All of the experts who trialed the supplement gave positive feedback and said they would continue to use the product on their horses.

Equine Blogger, Keira Shafiq, who used V.I.P.® So Sound on her currently injured horse said “My horse needed help with her comfort levels. Since using V.I.P.® So Sound, she is weight bearing and she clearly feels comfortable when coming out of her stable, as she tends to trot or canter! This is a great sign for us.”

Regardless of the individual supplement chosen, one common theme is that horse owners are increasingly conscious of the negative role of sugar in their horse’s diet. Using a supplement with no added sugar is an appealing option but can leave concerns regarding palatability. Nettex Equine have addressed this dilemma with an apple flavour,º which several of the experts commented on.

Junior showjumper, Victoria Stoughton, explained “I am very pleased with the results of the supplement (V.I.P.® Hoof Builder) – the apple taste is a great idea! Lots of people at my yard commented on how nice it smells.” Describing her supplement of choice, eventing young rider, Ceara Gould, was delighted at how well her horse ate it “I wouldn’t change anything about this supplement, my horse would have eaten it on its own - we had a few attempts of her trying to get into the tub!”.

Ceara was not alone, as 100% of horses included in the trial ate their supplement every day, including those whose owners had described them as ‘very fussy’ eaters.

The panel has been documenting their experiences with the supplements across their online platforms. Nettex have also been sharing the content on social media which has initiated wider conversations around horse health.

Nettex Equine Product Manager, Ellie Cashmore, says, “The responses from this trial have shown that the V.I.P.® range addresses the pain points of many horse owners with regards to choosing supplements. These products are targeted to support specific health concerns with appropriate levels of quality ingredients carefully selected by our equine nutritionist that are beneficial and enjoyed by horses.”

The full V.I.P.® range of supplements is stocked at participating online retailers, tack shops and country stores nationwide. More information on the range and horse nutrition can be found at or by contacting Nettex on

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