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WaterBear Network, The First Interactive Video-on-demand Platform Dedicated To Our Planet, Announces Partnerships With 70 NGOs

3 years ago

9th September, 2020 11h04

WaterBear Network

Pioneering digital network uniquely empowers members to take direct, immediate action to support NGOs – from WaterAid to Tusk – around the world, to shape a better future for our planet

WaterBear Network, a new free interactive video-on-demand platform dedicated to supporting life on earth, has today revealed groundbreaking partnerships with 70 NGOs from all corners of the globe. Spanning size and scope, partners include GreenPeace, Africa Parks, WWF, WCN, World Fairtrade Organization, Women4Oceans, Sea Shepherd, Amazon Watch, Circle Economy and Jane Goodall Institute among many others. 

The phenomenal line-up includes multinational groups and grassroots organisations working across a diverse range of issues.  All are leaders in their fields, and WaterBear will enable them to showcase their stories, playing a vital role in bringing attention to the work that they do in a way no other platform can.  

Each NGO will showcase their campaigns and stories through a bespoke channel on the platform. WaterBear members can connect with these organisations and support them in various ways via donations, subscriptions, calls to action, volunteering, purchasing sustainable products and travel.

An innovative digital platform and mobile app, WaterBear empowers its audience to turn intention into action. With original content and curated documentaries inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), WaterBear will deliver content that supports NGO campaigns and calls to action at no extra cost. 

Ellen Windemuth, CEO, WaterBear Network said: “We are excited to have secured such a powerful community of NGO partners, uniting with our mission of impact storytelling to elevate and support their causes.  We want to make interacting with NGOs more accessible to everyone, and our platform of purpose-focused content will grant any viewer the opportunity to engage with the issues they care about most.”

Kees de Pater, Head of Communications at Vogelbescherming said: "We are very excited about the WaterBear Network. This is the first and only platform that gives you access to the best visual content, and at the same time provides you with the opportunity to get involved in activities for a better world for both people and nature. I‘m sure WaterBear will especially attract many young people who love nature and who are worried about the environment and climate change. Young people who want to act.”

Melanie Wijnands, Marketing and Communications Manager at Circle Economy added: "Waterbear provides great visibility, knowledge and inspiration on the topics that really matter. It is a great example of technology used for good and ensures that our growing global population is aware of the ecological and social challenges we face and, most importantly, how they can take action to change the course we are on".

Frans Schepers, Managing Director at Rewilding Europe said: WaterBear is a wonderful initiative to allow anyone in the world to connect with rewilding in Europe. We look forward to interacting and sharing the story of the amazing comeback of wildlife and wild nature through this wonderful new online channel.

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