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Win A Weight Loss Bundle Worth £1,000 With SPILLERS Slimmers

3 months ago

5th March, 2024 18h51


The SPILLERS™ brand is helping to make Spring weight loss easier by giving members of the SPILLERS™ Slimmers’ Club, the chance to win £1,000 worth of equine weight loss kit.

The competition is a celebration of the ongoing success of the SPILLERS Slimmers’ Club, which now supports more than 8,000 horse owners with safe and effective weight loss strategies and encouragement.

The SPILLERS Slimmers’ Club was launched three years ago to help address the problem of equine obesity in a positive way. It provides practical support and camaraderie for owners of overweight horses and ponies, to aid them on their weight loss journey. Membership of the Club has grown by around 60% in the past year, demonstrating that more and more equestrians are becoming truly committed to making diet and management changes to achieve a healthy weight for their horses and ponies.

The weight loss bundle, which has a total value of £1,000 includes:

▪️ Six bags of SPILLERS™ Lite & Lean Balancer – a vitamin and mineral balancer specifically designed for horses and ponies on a weight loss diet.

▪️ Four bags of SPILLERS™ Fibre Lite Molasses Free – high fibre, low calorie chaff to help bulk out the bucket and extend eating. 

▪️ A Mole Electric Fencing Ultimate Equestrian Paddock Kit – for all your strip grazing needs inclusive of posts, tape, energizer, earth stake, handles and connectors for up to 200m of fencing. 

▪️ A Haycube & Trickle Feeder Grill – make soaking hay easier than ever with this wheeled hay feeder, inclusive of the grill to help slow down consumption rate.

▪️ A Best Friend Deluxe Grazing Muzzle donated by Urban Horse – help reduce grass intake whilst enabling your horse to be turned out and socialise.

▪️ Silverfeet Hoof Balm Natural five litre - Unique blend of natural ingredients and silver ion technology to help prevent the growth of common hoof bacteria thus reducing hoof odour and improving overall hoof health.

▪️ Silverfeet Liquid 500 ml – The same smart silver ion technology in liquid form.

Overweight horses and ponies are at greater risk of certain clinical conditions, especially laminitis. Other health and welfare implications include increased joint strain, respiratory stress, heat intolerance, an increase in chronic low-grade inflammation in senior horses and reduced fertility. The SPILLERS Slimmers’ Club Facebook group is an easy way for worried horse owners to find a wealth of advice, insider tips, and motivation, backed by the brand’s science as well as others’ success, to help keep their horses in healthy shape. 

“As a brand we are on a mission to end quine obesity in the UK by 2035 and this competition is a really practical way to give support to owners who are striving hard to help their horses reach a healthy weight,” said Sarah Nelson, Product Manager at Mars Horsecare, home of the SPILLERS brand. 

“Our Slimmers’ Club is one of several ways in which we are working to achieve our goal. We also run free webinars, work with Redwings Horse Sanctuary and continually invest in scientific research to help provide evidence-based advice and practical tips for horse owners with overweight horses and ponies.”

The competition is exclusive to members of the SPILLERS Slimmers’ Club. Details on how to enter can be found in the SPILLERS Slimmers’ Club Facebook group.


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