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Air France Bans Brachy Breeds

2 months ago

30th July, 2019 11h35

Independent Vetcare Group

As of 15th July 2019, Air France will no longer accept 4 brachycephalic breeds on their flights…

Following the tragic death of a French Bulldog during a long distance flight earlier this summer, 4 brachycephalic breeds have been banned from travelling on Air France flights. These are French Bulldogs, British Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers.

The policy came into effect on 15th July after the owners of the French Bulldog, who passed away on July 12th, lodged a complaint against Air France for ‘animal abuse’.

This is a positive development for the welfare of brachycephalic breeds, and we implore all owners to recognise that Pugs, Bulldogs (British & French) and Boston Terriers typically have trouble breathing. The ‘squished’ nature of their faces means that their airways are narrow and that they cannot take in air as efficiently or effectively as other breeds. This condition gets worse in certain circumstances, such as when it’s hot outside, when the dog is heavily exercised or when they’re stressed/agitated.

If you’re planning to jet away this summer and are thinking about taking your pet with you, we urge you to consider the strain this might put on your pet, and whether it’d be better to leave them in a kennel/cattery or with friends/family while you’re away instead of taking them with you.

Many breeds are still accepted onto Air France flights but the method in which they travel will depend on their breed, size, weight and whether or not they’re a service dog.

When it comes to the general rules for flying with dogs and cats, they vary from airline to airline so we recommend doing your research well in advance of your trip, and contacting your airline as and when necessary.

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