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BBC's The One Show Dog Training Segment With Jordan Shelley On Friday 16th September - Response From Jez Rose

12 years ago

22nd September, 2011 11h07

Dr Jez RoseIn reference to the BBC's The One Show dog training segment with Jordan Shelley on Friday 16th September, below is a response from Jez Rose, canine behaviour specialist: Canine behaviour specialist Jez Rose has added his voice in response to The One Show's new dog training section: "I was surprised to see such out-dated training techniques used on a high-profile show such as The One Show - this style has been long left-behind by professional behaviourists, favouring modern, humane, evidence-based methods which are much more efficacious. The dog had developed fearful guarding behaviours around its food bowl: an innate, genetically ingrained behaviour to promote survival by defending a food source and a relatively common problem. The dog's distress is visibly exacerbated by the trainer's forceful approach. Scientific research has shown that the use of humane, positive reinforcement techniques in the modification of problem behaviours in animals, specifically dogs, is more effective, has greater long-term effects. Certainly when the risk of being bitten or injured is present, a calm and positive approach is safer, too. In the training example, there was a change to the dog's behaviour but in my opinion, this was because of fear of the trainer, rather than the more necessary change in the situation. This is not only an inappropriate way to train an animal but a dangerous one. A safer, much more effective way to approach this problem would have first been to show the dog that approaches to the food bowl were not a threat and in fact brought good things, changing the way that the dog felt about the bowl. A full plan and the reasons why this works are available on my blog: About Jez Rose Jez Rose is a canine behaviour specialist respected by both veterinary professionals and animal behaviourists for his extremely effective consultations on canine behaviour problems. Founder of the National Responsible Dog Owners Campaign and the world's first iPhone app on dog training and behaviour, Jez promotes scientifically evidenced training principles of trust, psychological understanding and a non-violent approach to changing behaviour through effective communication. Jez is also the UK training and behaviour specialist for the KONG Company.

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