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CT scan machine room

CT scan machine room

Do I Purchase A New Or Refurbished Computed Tomography?

1 year ago

31st January, 2023 14h44


When considering the purchase of a computed tomography system for the first time, it may seem financially attractive to opt for a refurbished CT system. But a closer look at the new and refurbished acquisition reveals significant differences, not only in terms of imaging quality.

DiploVets has summarised the most important differences, advantages and disadvantages of each option:

New CT modality

Purchase price: Certainly, there is a high acquisition price and thus financial risk. Of course, before buying a new modality, it is necessary to calculate as accurately as possible whether the acquisition costs pay off and whether my case load is high enough. 
With detailed prior planning, a good business model and an optimum utilisation of capacity, the financial risk can be minimised. Similarly, the risk of unexpected costs is minimal, as they are usually covered by the warranty and included in the service package thereafter.

Second hand modality

Used and refurbished are two different concepts. Refurbished scanners are usually overhauled with replaced worn parts and include certain warranty services. As manufacturers apply different and more stringent testing procedures, it's important to consider whether this is done by the manufacturer itself or a third-party supplier. Some distributors award certain seals of approval from manufacturers that guarantee proper reprocessing or are otherwise certified, e.g. according to FDA regulations. 
Used equipment is mostly resold without further inspection and worn parts, like the tube, are not replaced. 
⇒ Important technology updates are always limited for both.

When compared to a new CT system, refurbished systems often differ in the following ways:

Purchase price: The price range between new and refurbished CT scanners varies considerably depending on the CT unit and its age. The purchase costs cannot be considered isolated: The acquisition is always linked to the additional installation-, training -, and further service-contract you need.
A lower financial investment appears to be less risky, but additional costs may arise, which must be tried to consider in the cost calculation. Sometimes, hidden or considered costs can be so costly that they exceed the financial scope. 

However, it must be understood that when costs are saved, it is impossible to achieve the highest image quality!

If you have a small or medium-sized clinic, purchasing a refurbished CT scanner may be the best business model for you if you are reluctant to make the financial commitment of a new CT system. When purchasing a refurbished system that has passed the manufacturer’s tests, the upfront cost will be slightly lower than the price of a new CT. 
Contact the manufacturer with the serial number of the CT unit you are considering and ask for available information such as date of first manufacture, which will then give you an idea of how long the system could be supported. It is possible that you will get 5 years of service out of a refurbished CT system, but within that time frame, you should have a good idea of your caseload which may support replacing it with a new CT system.

Leasing and subscription

Some distributors also offer different business models, such as leasing or subscription, which are often not rigid but flexible and negotiable.
A little negotiation skill can lead to good offers without taking a big financial risk. One possible disadvantage, depending on the contract, is that the profit margin is reduced.

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