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Elanco Tells The Story Behind Osurnias Innovative Gel Formulation In Launch Of New Film

8 months ago

20th September, 2018 10h49

Elanco has released a short film telling the story behind Osurnia™, the innovative canine otitis externa* (OE) treatment that applies like a liquid and stays within the ear as a gel. The film gives an insight into the story behind the gel formulation, which was designed to aid in simplifying OE treatment for both vets and pet owners.

Although OE is one of the most common reasons dogs visit the vet[1], almost half of dog owners (45%) struggle to apply daily at-home ear treatments[2]. And this may have a significant impact on clinical resolution, as 88% of vets list compliance as a common reason for treatment failure in OE cases[3] they treat.

To help provide a first-line solution to these issues, Elanco launched Osurnia over two years ago – the only gel formulation on the market which treats OE*, arming it with a unique mode of action. Osurnia applies like a liquid and stays inside the ear as a gel. Its active ingredients – the antibiotic florfenicol, the antifungal terbinafine and the anti-inflammatory betamethasone acetate – are suspended in the adaptable gel so they can be delivered to the site of the infection.

Its long-acting formula avoids the need for daily application but instead is applied in two doses, seven days apart.

The short film explains how the gel treatment works and its potential to aid treatment compliance to support clinical resolution of canine OE*.

The viscosity of Osurnia gel decreases as it is squeezed from the tube, allowing for easy application as a liquid. Once in the ear the viscosity returns, becoming a gel, which at body temperature, spreads to coat the entire ear canal.

The treatment is also lipophilic, enabling the active ingredients to work in the ear’s waxy environment. In fact, the therapeutic effects of the anti-infectives remain above the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) for up to 28 days, while the anti-inflammatory provides relief for the entire treatment period.

Elanco Research Scientist, Development Manager, Sophie Forster said: “It was clear that there was an opportunity to develop a product that could improve the application process by creating a long-acting formulation that would potentially stay in the ear much better than a liquid. So, in 2009, we set out to solve the problem. The result is Osurnia, a first-line gel treatment. 

“We knew that a more viscous product would be easier to deliver as a precise single dose. It gets to work where you need it and stays there. Ultimately, Osurnia is improving the quality of life of dogs and their owners while helping vets achieve clinical resolution.”

Since launching to market, Osurnia gel has received a positive reception from vet practices and the industry. It has received the “New Product of the Year” award two years in a row and now 83% of small animal veterinarians are using the product[4]. Meanwhile, research released last year showed Osurnia gel improves the quality of life for both dogs and owners above an ear drop requiring daily application[5].

Watch the film at and visit to discover the full suite of Osurnia tools.

* Treatment of acute otitis externa and acute exacerbation of recurrent otitis externa associated with Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and Malassezia pachydermatis. Bacterial and fungal otitis is often secondary to other conditions. Appropriate diagnosis should be used and therapy of causative conditions should be investigated.


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3 OnePoll survey of 341 UK practicing veterinary surgeons February 2016, commissioned by Elanco Animal Health

4 Kadence International survey of 100 UK small animal Vets, April 2018

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