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Horse Case Study with DEEP OSCILLATION - Sue Wright, Equine MFR practitioner, HCPC Physiotherapist

Horse Case Study with DEEP OSCILLATION - Sue Wright, Equine MFR practitioner, HCPC Physiotherapist

Horse Case Study With DEEP OSCILLATION - Sue Wright, Equine MFR Practitioner, HCPC Physiotherapist

2 years ago

12th March, 2022 09h32

PhysioPod UK Limited

Bay Gelding Thoroughbred - 16.1hh 11 years. Competes eventing.

"I have treated this horse with EMRT, MFR, Red Light acupressure points, Kinesiology taping and scar tissue release treatment since 2017 in conjunction with McTimoney chiropractic treatment. Veterinary diagnosis of possible right wing of ilium fracture as a young horse. He has improved to be able to school and compete. He had his hocks medicated with steroids in April 2020. Which improved his level of soreness in the S.I, Thoracolumbar, Gluteals and Hamstrings.  He has always off loaded from the hind end onto the forehand causing a lack of lift through the thoracic area, neck and poll soreness and an instability in the mouth. His pelvis would overswing left and right too much and his tail would overswing also.

In walk, he does not flex his right hock and swings it arc-like. In trot, he does not flex his left hock and is sore in the S.I and Gluteal area on the left side

We decided to treat him with Deep Oscillation.

The programme I used was 10 mins at 160hz – 180hz then 5 mins at 85hz.

The area I treated was Lumbar, Gluteals, TFL, S.I, Adductors, scar tissue on right Tuber Coxae and Wing of Ilium area, Hamstrings, and all of the hock area, and all insertions into the hock area.

I treated both sides with this programme of 15 mins each side.

We gave him a treatment on 07/01/2022 he then had 2 days turned out, hacked for a few days before schooling again. His lesson on 02/02/2022 was described as a breakthrough. He was able to push from behind, lift his thorax, hold his neck and his mouth was still.

I returned on 03/02/2022 his pelvis was still and not overworking, his tail was not overswinging, good flexion in both hocks in walk and trot. He had a busy schooling session the day before and we expected him to be sore in the S.I and thoracolumbar, Hamstrings and Gluteals. But any soreness was minimal.

I treated him with Deep Oscillation exactly the same programmes as before.  With the same protocol to be followed work wise. I am a great advocate of less is more. I didn’t treat any other area of his body as on a research level I wanted to assess what was working. He will be treated with a whole-body treatment soon with both McTimoney Chiropractic and Myofascial Release.

His owner’s feedback is ‘He continues to improve and feels like he can take more weight behind in a more consistent way, which in turn gives a feeling of more power coming through’ This allows him to have more lift through the middle and front part of his body which previously has always felt stuck.

Sue Wright (Connolly)

Equine Myofascial Release Therapist EMRT - AHPR & IAAT Registered HCPC Physiotherapist

The Garden Clinic
Temple Grafton
B49 6PA
Mobile 07737 396842


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