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How Can Computed Tomography Improve The Quality Of My Veterinary Work?

6 months ago

14th December, 2022 16h48


Modern multislice computed tomography works quickly and precisely. This indispensable diagnostic instrument has brought veterinary medicine a long way and has since taken diagnostics and treatment options to another level.

Depending on the indication, targeted slice images of the examined region are produced just within a few seconds to minutes. These images open up an overlapping-free and very detailed view into various tissue and organ structures of the patient. Furthermore, it also allows a three-dimensional image representation through subsequent reconstructions.

The possibility of the variable focus on different body structures also enables an inside view into areas that are otherwise difficult to access diagnostically, such as the pelvis and structures of the head, including the nasal passages and brain.

Thanks to these detailed diagnostics, targeted therapy plans can then be created and measures such as biopsies or surgeries can be performed immediately afterwards.

Remarkable advantages for the veterinary practice

Accordingly, the use of computed tomography scanners is no longer limited to individual referral hospitals, but has long since become an established part of veterinary medicine.

The acquisition of a CT can be of great advantage for your practice or clinic.
From our own experience we recommend you to carefully take your time to consider the

purchase as hasty, unexplored decisions could lead to unsuitable selections.
We would also like to recommend reading the following article “Are you prepared to implement a CT modality in your practice?”

Do you need support?

DiploVets offers more than just diagnostics. We also understand us as a point of contact for questions and uncertainties that arise in connection with imaging.

Together we achieve the best diagnosis and treatment options.

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