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Is That Fur Real? Concerned Public Invited To Check Their Faux Fur Items

5 years ago

23rd February, 2019 14h16

Animal Defenders International

With a growing number of faux fur items found to be real fur, compassionate shoppers are being urged by Animal Defenders International (ADI) to share photos and video of items they are concerned may not be faux. Monitoring posts with the hashtag #IsThatFurReal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during London Fashion Week (15-19 February), ADI will be advising the public if their faux fur could in fact be the real thing.

Animal Defenders International President Jan Creamer said: “Unaware that real fur is often mislabelled or not labelled at all, and cheap, shoppers may unknowingly be supporting animal suffering. Animal Defenders International is here to help the public avoid animal fur and help stop this cruel trade.

Following continuing revelations of major brands selling animal fur items marketed as fake, the Committee of Advertising Practice Compliance team issued an enforcement notice last month, providing guidance to sellers and warning action would be taken if misleading claims continued. It remains to be seen if this will lead, as hoped, to a clampdown of the sale of items containing real fur promoted as fake.

Proposed mandatory labelling of fur items, recommended by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee following an inquiry into the UK trade last year, would enable consumers to avoid real fur. The UK Government has stated however that this would not be an “effective remedy”; nor has it made any commitment to consult on a fur trade ban, as recommended by the committee.  A ban on the production and sale of fur is backed by animal protection groups including ADI, as well as the public. 

To help consumers avoid real fur, ADI has the following tips: 1) If the tips of the fur taper to a fine point, rather than blunt ends, it is most likely real; 2) If the fur is attached to a fabric of mesh base it is fake – real fur is attached to skin; 3) For items you own, remove a few strands and burn them – fake fur will smell of melting plastic, and real fur of singed hair.

Here are some statistics on the global fur trade:

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