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Jack The Springer

6 months ago

6th August, 2021 16h41

PhysioPod UK Limited

Canine Healing: Barbed Wire Tear Post Surgical Healing Boosted with Deep Oscillation Therapy

Jack a one-year old Springer Spaniel lives on a farm with his Mum Stephanie, his Springer brother Harold, two years old and his Grandpy Zak, nearly fourteen.  They are surrounded by open farm land with lots of interesting and varied scents which are investigated at high speed.

13th March 2021

Whilst out walking, Jack became entangled in barbed wire, Mum Stephanie saw it happen but Jack managed to extract himself and ran off apparently unhurt.  Later that evening laying on Mum for cuddles in his favourite splayed position, it was horrifyingly apparent the barbed wire had caused a significantly, long ragged tear in Jack’s groin.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions veterinary visits are not straight forward, his Mum had cleaned the wound immediately with Hibiscrub (Chlorhexidine) which is used a lot on the farm.  Jack was not examined at the vets that evening due to an emergency, but was given antibiotics and a cone to wear around his neck so he could not lick or aggravate the open wound, surgery was booked for Monday.   Read full article and see amazing healing pictures at:

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