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Pledge To Take Action Against Strangles

2 years ago

6th March, 2020 15h18


A new initiative for vets and professionals to show their commitment to tackling the stigma of Strangles was launched at the National Equine Forum.

From today [5th March], vets, farriers, equine dentists, charity field officers or inspectors and all professionals who come into frequent contact with horses, can take a new online Pledge.

The Vets & Professionals Pledge is a voluntary commitment to making the importance of biosecurity and good hygiene practices a normal topic of conversation with their clients and to signpost them to further advice and guidance. Those who pledge will receive regular support through emails on the latest research into Strangles to help them stay one step ahead of the disease, for themselves and their clients.

This complements existing Pledges for yard managers and horse owners, launched by Redwings Horse Sanctuary in November 2018, which now have over 1,080 people signed-up.

The launch coincided with the announcement of a new national week of action – Strangles Awareness Week – created by a unique alliance between the Animal Health Trust, the British Horse Society, Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and World Horse Welfare.

The aim of Strangles Awareness Week, which will run from 4th to 10th May, is to provide an opportunity for horse owners, livery yard managers, vets and professionals to share their stories of Strangles to tackle stigma and prompt more to take proactive action to protect their horses from infectious disease.

According to the Animal Health Trust, an average 600 outbreaks of Strangles take place every year, making it the most prolific equine infectious disease in the UK. It not only causes misery for the affected animals, but can be financially and emotionally devastating for horse owners and equestrian businesses. Sadly, the stigma around Strangles can prevent those affected from being open about an outbreak which is an essential part of preventing the spread of disease.

Throughout the week, everyone will have the chance to talk about their experiences through a series of online activities and events hosted by the alliance of organisations, who will also be sharing their extensive knowledge of Strangles. Details of all activities will be shared soon!

To take the Vets & Professionals Pledge or to find out more about Strangles Awareness Week, visit

Andie Vilela, Redwings’ Campaigns Manager, said: “We know that when horse owners want advice about Strangles, they often look towards a vet or a trusted professional. With the launch of this new Pledge, we hope to provide them with the additional tools they need to give that vital support for their clients and maximise their influence to prompt more conversations around biosecurity so we can tackle this disabling stigma.”

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