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Rabbit Foster Homes Needed By The RSPCA In The North East

13 years ago

4th March, 2009 00h00

I would like to appeal to ask if anyone could be a rabbit fosterer for The RSPCA in the County of Durham or more general North East area. The amount of rabits being dealt with by inspectors in this area is increasing and the sales of neglect and cruelty is shocking. Some are found starved to death in their hutches and others are rescued just in time but many are found just wandering the streets. As there is no animal home to place them in. more fosterers are needed to look after them and re-home them. RSPCA approved hutches (6x2x2) will be purchased for the prospective fosterers and all vet bills and expences will be paid for. Please contact Alison Parkin 0191 3883106 or if interested.

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