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Two-year-old terrier Bunny has bounced back to health thanks for expert treatment at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre in Worcester.

Two-year-old terrier Bunny has bounced back to health thanks for expert treatment at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre in Worcester.

Tenacious Terrier Bunny Bounces Back Thanks To Brentknoll

4 weeks ago

17th June, 2024 08h27

Linnaeus Group

A two-year-old Bedlington terrier called Bunny has bounced back to her best after expert care at a popular Worcestershire vet practice. 

Poor little Bunny had become depressed and withdrawn as a result of constantly being ‘in season’, with continual bleeding. 

Owner Tracy Formby, from Cheltenham, was so concerned about her beloved pet she made an 80-mile round trip to Linnaeus-owned Brentknoll Veterinary Centre in Worcester to seek help. 

Thankfully, Brentknoll clinical director Rikki Burford had the perfect remedy for Bunny, recommending a minimally invasive keyhole procedure to spay Bunny, using their latest Key-hole, mini-laparoscopic equipment. 

Tracy agreed and Brentknoll vet Carly Smith carefully carried out the keyhole spay surgery, explaining: “A laparoscopic spay was by far the best option for Bunny, we are fortunate here to have advanced surgical equipment on site, such as our mini laparoscopy kit, which enables us to spay dogs as small as just 3.5kg. 

“There are very few of these type of kits in the UK, so we offer a pretty rare service here and there are many advantages. 

“It’s a minimally invasive procedure which only requires a tiny incision through which we then feed the laparoscope, which is a small tube complete with video camera and miniature tools. 

“The procedure doesn’t take long and another big advantage is that its minimally invasive nature reduces post-operative pain and speeds recovery times. 

“Sure enough, Bunny made a fantastic recovery and was back to her old self inside six days, happily running around and acting like a puppy again.” 

A delighted Tracy was full of praise for the talented team at Brentknoll and said she was thrilled to see Bunny back to her best again. 

She recalled: “Bunny was very depressed and constantly in season and bleeding. We were in the middle of moving house and had packed boxes everywhere, so I thought she was possibly stressed from this. 

“She would go upstairs and hide on our bed and didn’t want to eat or walk. When it went on for so long we went to our local vets who referred us to Brentknoll Veterinary Centre in Worcester.

“It might be an 80-mile round trip but I am so happy I travelled to Brentknoll to get this special service and treatment for my girl! 

“They were excellent. The day before the procedure they explained everything to us and checked we understood everything.  

“Then, on the afternoon of the procedure, they called to update us on how Bunny was, how it all went and said we could come and collect her. 

“We picked her up at 5pm and she was a bit groggy but fine. The next morning, though, she was by the door wanting to go for a walk, which was amazing. 

“She had to stay on her lead at first but five days in she was healed and running around like a young puppy again! 

“Since her op she has become a happy, bouncy terrier again. She absolutely loves going out and is back to the very social, happy little girl I feared I had lost. 

“Everyone at Brentknoll were absolute professionals offering great care, guidance and support the whole way. It was brilliant service and so caring! We’re so thankful.” 

For more information about Brentknoll, visit or search for Brentknoll Veterinary Centre on social media. 

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