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Vet Practices Invest In New Top Of The Range GE Logiq S7 Ultrasound Scanner

6 years ago

13th May, 2013 20h35

Vets Now Referrals in Glasgow and mixed animal vet practice O'Gorman, Slater, Main & Partners have both recently purchased the new top the range ultrasound scanner, the GE Logiq S7 from BCF Technology.

The investment means that each practice is one of the first to own the scanner in the UK, making them part of a small group who are able to achieve the very high image quality that the Logiq S7 is capable of.

Of all the ultrasound scanners available to vets in the UK at the moment, the GE Logiq S7 is said to offer a significant leap forward in imaging capability. The system offers specialised features such as B-Flow, Elastography, Flow Quantification, Contrast Imaging, B-Steer+, 3D/4D ultrasound, Volume Imaging and Multi-Modality Imaging Display.

Yvonne McGrotty from Vets Now said:

The image quality is really, really clear. The clarity is superb and the definition is fantastic... with the S7, its almost like youve put on glasses and everything else after that seems a little bit blurred.

The GE Logiq S7 has also been designed to be very user friendly and is able to be manoeuvred, raised and lowered to achieve the most comfortable scanning position.

Yvonne said:

I very much like the fact that the control panel goes up and down. This means that when the dogs bigger than me and I dont want to lift it on the table, or the dogs jumpy and you think it might try to get off the table, you are able to easily scan the animal from a floor position.

Yvonne valued the way the S7 can be moved around and how the screen can be pushed into different angles. She also spoke about being able to take on a new occupational persona when shes doing her scanning!

Although its a very big machine, it is very easy to manoeuvre. Although sometimes it feels like Im part of a cabin crew selling drinks and snacks!

Bruce Bladon from OGorman, Slater and Main commented:

The image quality on the Logiq S7 is better than any other scanner weve looked at much better! The more you can see, the more you can advise. You can see more on this scanner than on any other scanner.

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