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Zoetis is supporting the iCatCare campaign - #BeCatCurious

Zoetis is supporting the iCatCare campaign - #BeCatCurious

Zoetis Sponsors Educational Campaign Supporting Cat Owners. The Campaign Provides Training And Resources To Make It Easier To Bring Cats Into The Clinic For Health Screening

10 months ago

22nd July, 2021 11h26


July 22, 2021, Zaventem, Belgium – Zoetis is supporting the iCatCare educational campaign that aims to make it easier for cat owners to take their pet to the vet.

Annual wellness exams are very important to ensure cats are healthy, yet medicalization of cats tends to be low, and as part of their nature, cats mask signs of disease. One study in the US shows that nearly half of cats (45.7%) did not visit a veterinarian in the year the study was conducted. Of those, 41% cited the reason as their “cats did not get sick or injured.” Only 16% cited “did not have the money. . .” to pay for a veterinary visit as the reason their cats didn’t receive veterinary care.[1,2]

A more recent survey by International Cat Care (ICC) also found that many cat owners struggle to get their cat into a carrier, which is a major barrier to taking their pet to the veterinary clinic.   

To help more cats get to the veterinarian, International Cat Care has developed educational material and a range of training aids in conjunction with leading experts which will be made available to cat owners in the run up to International Cat Day on 8 August.

“Many cat owners find it incredibly difficult and stressful getting cats into a carrier,” said Dr. Michael McFarland, Chief Medical Officer at Zoetis. “As a result, many are reluctant to take their cat to their veterinarian unless they have a major health issue.

“Cats are intelligent animals and we want owners to know that they respond well to training. The ICC survey found that owners who use positive training and rewards find it much easier to get their cats into a carrier, so we are delighted to support the #BeCatCurious campaign this year.

“Visits to the veterinarian and giving medicines when needed are essential if we want to keep our pets healthy and protected, for example against parasites. So, encouraging owners to be more curious and to learn something new with their cat can not only strengthen the bond between them but also make life easier and healthier for cats and their owners.

“By adopting ICC cat-friendly principles we can help ensure that cats stay healthy and live the best life possible.”

The education and training campaign began on 19 July and consists of a wide range of materials including free online training videos, podcasts, emails and giveaways. Owners will be able to share photos and stories on social media using #BeCatCurious to celebrate the time they spend training their cat to improve their relationship.

Owners can access the training materials via the International Cat Day online at  

Results of the International Cat Care poll:

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