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Dr Barbara Roder To Present Deep Oscillation In Equine Respiratory Therapy At The 20th International Convention Of The Swiss Association Of Animal Physiotherapy (SVTPT)

3 years ago

9th October, 2018 08h39

PhysioPod UK Limited

The SVTPT has for the past 10 years enjoyed federal recognition for its higher professional examination and qualified therapists are officially recognised as animal physiotherapists. PhysioPod and their Swiss Distribution Partners Fritac Medizintechnik AG are delighted that Dr Barbara Röder will be presenting 'Respiratory therapy for horses: Possible use of Deep Oscillation® techniques"


Strickhof Wuelflingen, Riedhofstrasse 62, CH-8408 Winterthur

Dr. med. vet. Barbara Röder is practicing in veterinary medicine in her own practice for horses as well as small animals in Rappoltenkirchen, Austria. She finished her diploma studies at the Faculty for Veterinary medicine at the University of Vienna in 2006. In 2009, she received her doctor's degree with the theme: "Improvement of the integration of molecular pathogene testing in the analytical chain“.

After completing her studies at the SVTPT, she wrote the higher professional examination and qualified in 2016 as animal physiotherapist with a Swiss federal diploma. The theme of her diploma thesis was: " Evaluating Deep Oscillation as a treatment method on horses with chronic respiratory diseases".

Barbara Röder is also a qualified Fire & Emergency Vet and teaches at the apprenticeship training for animal caretakers. Since 2018, she has been assigned by the Equestrian Sports Association of Lower Austria to do the training and further education of the equestrian samaritans.

Discover how Deep Oscillation began in equine therapy in the UK - click here

Bodo Wisst was the first to use Deep Oscillation in equine therapy internationally in 2006

Gilliyan Carter was the first to use in equine therapy in Europe in 2007

In 2007, Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK was the first in Europe to add Deep Oscillation to her tools.  Gilliyan is a leading UK Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist's and trainer in her field. In 2018 she was announced  'Official FEI Permitted Equine Therapist

Deep Oscillation is included as part of the Equi-Therapy UK Diploma in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Gilliyan also runs workshops in Deep Oscillation for both horse owners & equine professionals alike

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Congress Program 20th and 21st October

Day One Presentations - Small Animals

The added value of splint therapy in dogs suffering from neck / back pain due to hernia - Karin Baas
Cranial cruciate ligament rupture in dogs: the latest news - Antonio Pozzi
Canine fascial system - Tuulia Luomala
Heart rate - monitoring for what - Ann Essner
Ethics in the animal physiotherapy - Svenja Springer

Day One Workshops - Small Animals

The role of fascia in the transmission of power in the dog's body - Tuulia Luomala
Heart rate monitoring in practice  - Ann Essner
Medial shoulder instability, an underestimated problem - Marco Mouwen
The diagonal principle and its use in the treatment of dogs  - Ursula Ward
Ethics in the animal physiotherapy - Svenja Springer

Day One Presentations - Large Animals

MLD for tendon problems - Anna Rötting
Supporting horses during competition - Christel Auer
Safety and efficacy of dry needling in treatment of myo-fascial pain - Karin Baas
How to use dry needling in the treatment of myo-fascial pain - Karin Baas
Ethics in the animal physiotherapy- Svenja Springer

Day One Worksops - Large Animals

MLD for tendon problems and similar problems - Sarah Aurenz
Objective lameness examination in the horse - focus hindquarter  - Stefan Witte
Treatment approach under FEI Rules - Christel Auer

Day Two Presentations - Small Animals

Contra-lateral CCL rupture, can rehab improve the odds? Carrie Smith
Shoulder musculo-tendinous injuries: from diagnosis to treatment - Antonio Pozzi
Elbow Dysplasia in the dog: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge - Daniel Koch
Epidural infiltration as a treatment for lumbosacral degenerative stenosis in dogs and cats - Yuri Béosier
Animal welfare aspects of animal physiotherapy work - Gieri Bolliger

Day Two Workshops - Small Animals 

Post-Op CCL rehab: a 12-week protocol - Carrie Smith
Dogs with lameness in gait analysis - examples and discussion focus frontlimb and generalized problems - Daniel Koch
Dogs with lameness in gait analysis - examples and discussion focus hinterlimb and lower vertebral column- Daniel Koch
Pain in dogs and pain genesis on the cellular level. Influencing the development of pain by the Softlaser (LLLT) - Marco Spychala

Day Two Presentations - Large animal

Equine fascial system - Tuulia Luomala
Respiratory Therapy for horses - Possible Use of Deep Oscillation Techniques - Dr Barbara Röder
The peritoneum and the musculoskeletal system: is there any relationship? – Osteopathic essay - Suzanne Flury
Dry salt therapy - old knowledges just discovered - Christel Auer
Animal welfare aspects of animal physiotherapy work - Gieri Bolliger

Day Two Workshops - Large animals

Fascia as a part of force transmission in horses - Tuulia Luomala
Different techniques as breathing therapy for horses Dr Barbara Röder and Brigette Stebler
Peritoneum: functional relationship and physiotherapeutic techniques - Suzanne Flury
Techniques The horse that doesn't lie: teaching with a riding simulator - Jenny Neuhauser


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