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Cat Owners Hail Miraculous Work Of Chronic Pain Team At Willows

2 months ago

17th December, 2019 16h43

Linnaeus Group

A relieved Birmingham couple have praised the treatment by vets at a leading Solihull animal hospital which has seen their cherished cat make a miraculous recovery.

Poor Jasper was left fighting for his life after being hit by a car last year and his owners, Ann and Jeff Davies, were told if he survived the accident, he may never be the same.

Which is why they’re so amazed, and so grateful, their four-year-old feline is feeling fine again and is even back climbing trees!

Ann is quick to give thanks to the specialists at Solihull’s Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service, who cared for their precious pet throughout months of reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and, most recently, acupuncture, courtesy of the centre’s innovative chronic pain clinic.

She said: “It’s an incredible recovery, an incredible story.  He’s a walking miracle and is even climbing trees again, which is amazing. We can’t thank the expert staff at Willows enough.

“The facilities are fabulous. Everyone is so caring and they have so many specialists under one roof they seem able to deal with every eventuality.

“We know that all too well. It really was touch and go for the first week after the accident, we didn’t know if Jasper would come through.

“Thankfully, the specialist orthopaedic surgeon Alexis Bilmont did a fantastic job, stabilising him and completely reconstructing his badly fractured back leg.

“He did warn us, though, that there was damage to the nerves in Jasper’s front leg.”

Jeff said: “In January, Jasper started to show signs of an issue with his front leg. He started licking it repeatedly and didn’t seem comfortable.

“Then he started to have episodes when he was clearly distressed, so we went back to Willows and they put Jasper on a course of pain relief but it had a limited effect.

“I spoke to Jacques Ferreira, a specialist in the Chronic Pain Clinic at Willows, and I was thrilled when he confirmed acupuncture was a service Willows offered.”

Ann said: “I was pretty sceptical at first but the results were absolutely amazing. Within two to three weeks the episodes had reduced dramatically and now we’ve got to the point where he’s pretty much back to normal. It’s tremendous.”

Jacques, a specialist in veterinary anaesthesia at Willows, runs the chronic pain clinic and said: “We’re all delighted we’ve helped Jasper make such a full recovery from his accident.

“The aim of our chronic pain management service is to improve the quality of life of each animal, allowing them and their owners to enjoy all the fun of daily living.

“We’ve certainly achieved that with Jasper. His course of acupuncture treatment has worked extremely well. Very quickly I noticed an improvement in his movement and muscle tone and the change in him is really positive, a definite success.”

To find out more information about Willows and its chronic pain clinic, visit or search for Willows Veterinary Centre on Facebook.

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